May 11 2015

General Election Results 2015

General Election results 2015















The Conservative Party romps home to victory in the 2015 General Election with David Cameron re-elected as Prime Minister to form a majority government, this despite a fiercely fought and baseless Union’s backed ground campaign by the now demolished Labour Party.

The final result was:

Conservative: 331
Labour: 232
SNP: 56
LibDems: 8
Greens: 1
Plaid: 3
Others: 18

“Here’s to a bright future for everyone”

Cameron & Samantha celebrating victory

Apr 01 2015

Come Lend a Hand!

This year’s General Election is on 7th May and Bob and the rest of your Conservative team across Harrow East are out on the campaign trail. You’ll be pleased to know, there’s always room for more people to come and lend a hand!

Supersaturday 2 280315There are all sorts of things you could come and help out with, from helping on the telephones, putting out some leaflets in your area or perhaps taking part in one of our hugely successful weekend action days. Even just a few hours here and there could make all the difference. So please do get in touch by calling 0208 421 4161 or by emailing and come get involved!

Nov 12 2014

Syed Kamall MEP welcomes clampdown on benefit tourism

syedSyed Kamall, MEP for London, has welcomed a landmark ruling by the European Court that migrants moving to another country solely to access the benefits system can have those benefits curbed.

The Court was asked to look into the case of a Romanian woman who moved to Germany with her child. She received German child benefit and social security payments but, owing to a poor level of education, also applied for a subsistence allowance from the German social security system. This allowance is non-contributory, but the German authorities denied her application on the basis that German law does not allow the payments to be made to EU citizens seeking employment in Germany.

The Court has today ruled that the lady should have had sufficient means of her own to reside in Germany as she was economically inactive. It added that domestic legislation can exclude EU nationals from benefits that are available to nationals of that country, if they do not have a right of residence under the directive.

Syed Kamall said:

“This is a real victory for common sense. Migrants make an enormous economic contribution to London’s economy but there is real concern about those who are here for benefits rather than work”.

“This European Court ruling has wide-ranging implications for the UK. We can now tighten the rules to ensure only migrants that come here to work and contribute to the welfare system can receive something back.”