Wealdstone Action Team


Elliot Van Emden

E-mail: elliotvanemden@gmail.com
Phone: 07729 757 595

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Deanna Keene

Deanna Keene

E-mail: deannakeene@outlook.com
Phone: 07768 686 661

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Dimabo Wolseley

E-mail: dimabo.wolseley@gmail.com
Phone: 07500 415 215

Dimabo Wolseley studied Law (LL.B Hons) at London Guildhall University and proceeded to study a Master of Laws, LLM International Law at London Metropolitan University and a second Master of Laws Degree, LL.M Petroleum Law and Policy at University of Dundee, Scotland. She currently works in a London Law firm.

She is passionate about making a positive impact on people. She thrives on challenging situations by making a positive difference. She is involved in community and neighbourhood improvement schemes and has a heart for children and young persons’ improved life experience. With encouragement from friends, neighbours and the community, she  is looking to reduce antisocial behaviour and further promote sustainable environmental issues.