Queensbury Action Team


Lakshmi Kaul

E-mail: kaullakshmi@gmail.com
Phone: 07896 851 813

A journalism and human rights graduate, Lakshmi Kaul is a political campaigner and a community activist. She works with local communities understanding and helping them voice their concerns at various platforms including at the British Parliament.

She has founded various cultural, social and professional initiatives to further community development. The start-ups and small business summit was yet another of her initiatives that helped new businesses get guidance, direction and support from the government as well as each other. Being a woman herself and a mother, she encourages women of all age groups to bring out their strengths and use them for their own progress as well as community development.

Lakshmi views Harrow as a true representation of British Ethnic communities as it is a melting pot of world cultures. Safe neighbourhoods, better living, good education and opportunity for all, access to basic facilities and career avenues are matters of concern to her and she would like to work hard to ensure the Council is made accountable to delivering these basic services to the residents, making it among the best Boroughs to live in London.

Tracy Pearmain 2

Tracy Pearmain

E-mail: tracy.pearmain@outlook.com
Phone: 07507 769 174

Tracy Pearmain has lived in Harrow for nearly 40 years and is a mother & grandmother. Professionally CIPD qualified, she works for a Central London University as an Executive Assistant & Human Resources Staffing Officer.

She is also a member of the Wealdstone Active Community and is passionate about local issues and the future of Harrow as a whole. In particular, the future regeneration of Wealdstone, housing, children’s facilities  and social issues.


Zak Wagman

E-mail: zak@wagman.net
Phone: 07854 429 217

Zak has lived in Harrow his whole life. He served for two years as the Youth MP for Harrow, representing Harrow’s young people in Parliament and to leading local and national figures. Whilst serving in this role, he ran a successful campaign on youth mental health, and mental health is an issue that he is passionate about. He has and does work closely with Time to Change, a charity promoting education about mental health issues. 

Zak is also particularly interested in community engagement policies, and in ensuring that young people have the best start to life. He is currently a history student.