Jul 01 2011

Stanmore Park by-election

Stanmore Park by-election July 2011 due to a ward Councillor moving to another Council

Marilyn Ashton2The Conservative candidate Marilyn Ashton has been elected as the ward councillor for Stanmore Park, Harrow, securing over 800 votes majority. The Conservative share of votes was up on May 2010 Council elections.

Questioning Labour’s sale of the Council owned Lidl’s Car Park and Anmer Lodge in Stanmore, Marilyn said, “I’m very concerned about the future vitality of Stanmore District Centre and the failure of the Labour controlled Council to adopt a planning brief to protect a site like this from inappropriate development and to inform prospective purchasers about which type of development would be appropriate for Stanmore and its residents”.


Jun 01 2011

Canons by-election

Canons by-election in June 2011 called due to the death of a ward Councillor

Amir Mohenson2The Conservatives have held Canons ward after 2 June 2011 by election, securing 59.7% votes. Conservative Amir Moshenson is the new Councillor in Canons having fended off challenges from Labour and the Lib Dems.

“I like the sense of community in Canons, the feeling that we are part of a unique area with its individual character and feel. I’m delighted to representing this community on the Council.

“Canons ward has a fantastic Conservative team representing it. Councillors Husain Akhtar and Richard Romain are doing wonderful work and I am excited to be part of the work they do for Canons ward.”


Feb 07 2011

Nigel Evans MP at the HECA fundraising dinner

Nigel Evans MPChief guest Nigel Evans MP, Deputy Speaker of the Commons, speaking to the Conservatives at the dinner on 6/02/11.

Nigel Evans dinner




Nigel Evans dinner2