Feb 17 2017

Canons Ward – Spring Update 2017

Canons Conservative Councillors have been working hard to address the implications of increased traffic and congestion across Stanmore and Edgware. Within the last six months the Canons team have addressed this by:

  • Introducing parking restrictions and emergency road safety measures on Pangbourne Drive and Stonegrove to protect residents from motorists who are using the road as a rat run to cut through Stanmore.
  • Introducing 24/7 resident permit parking on Kerry Court to protect local residents from inconsiderate parking from commuters and minicabs drivers.
  • Campaigning for Wembley Event Day parking across Stanmore and Canons Park.
  • Supporting residents of the Canons Drive Estate in their battle to stop heavy weight recovery vehicles parking outside their homes.

Canons Councillors have also secured £20,000 to regenerate the Canons Park Station Parade. Cllr Ameet Jogia said, “Canons Park has been neglected by Harrow Council for many years and I am pleased that we have this opportunity to reinstate the parade back to its previous glory.”


(L-R) Cllrs Bharat Thakker, Amir Moshenson and Ameet Jogia

Feb 10 2017

Labour’s Environmental Chaos: Litter and Fly-Tipping On The Rise!

Harrow Weald Councillors have received a lot of complaints from irate residents regarding the lack of general maintenance, litter and fly-tipping across the ward. Despite a 2% increase in Council Tax, introduction of the £75 Brown Bin Tax and further Council Tax hikes planned for 2017, the Labour run Harrow Council continues to cut back on environmental and street cleaning services. This is not just an issue within Harrow Weald but throughout the Borough.

Meanwhile, the brown bin system is in chaos, with collections frequently being missed and long queues to get to the rubbish tip. Having introduced this scheme, against strong opposition from local residents and councillors, Labour failed to think through the consequences. This situation is unacceptable and we will continue to do everything possible to fight for improvements.

Oct 29 2015

Serious Questions Remain Over Civic Centre Plans


Peel House Car Park faces closure, with local businesses and communities under threat


Harrow Council’s Labour administration has announced their plans for a new Civic Centre with much fanfare without any consultation, involvement and scrutiny from opposition parties or affected businesses and residents.

The plans involve purchasing large pieces of land in Wealdstone, with Labour deciding against the less risky option of building on land the Council already owns and nearer to Harrow town centre.

Labour have insisted the new Civic Centre will be delivered at zero cost to residents, with the Council Leader David Perry saying “the price of these plans is nothing at all”, and their press release boasting of winning £8.8 million “straight away” from the Greater London Authority. However, this £8.8 million isn’t a donation – it’s a loan, received in stages, and it has to be paid back!

There are also logistical issues; the development will reduce the amount of car parking available in Wealdstone, which will be a disaster for local businesses, and absolutely no money has been set aside for substantial changes that will be needed for the road layout and re-routing of traffic during development.

Labour have a track record of settling for third rate developments such as the tower blocks planned for 51 College Road, and there is a real worry that, instead of properly embracing the once in a life time opportunity to finally deliver the Civic Centre that Harrow deserves, Labour will find another way to let residents down.