Jan 01 2010

Put the law back on the side of local people across Harrow

crimeBlueprint to tackle crime in Harrow, as 3,124 violent attacks took place last year.

Bob Blackman, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow East, strongly endorsed radical and bold new plans – set out in the Conservatives’ draft election manifesto – to tackle crime and to restore confidence in Britain’s ‘broken’ criminal justice system.

Their importance is underlined by new analysis revealing that there were 3,124 violent attacks on people across Harrow in the last year, a rise of 33% in the last decade. Under the manifesto plans, a Conservative Government would:

  • Give Harrow’s citizens greater protection if they have to defend themselves against intruders in their homes, or if they stop a crime being committed in the street.
  • Create fifteen new rape crisis centres across the country, and give all existing rape crisis centres stable, long-term funding.
  • Grant Harrow Council new powers to fight booze-fuelled antisocial behaviour in Harrow, and stop supermarkets selling alcohol at below cost-price which is destroying law-abiding local pubs and fuelling low-level crime.
  • Give the Mayor of London stronger powers to set priorities for local policing
  • Publish detailed street-by-street crime statistics online every month, in an open and standardised format, so people know the real level of crime in their neighbourhood.
  • Make it clear that anyone caught carrying a knife in a public place can expect to be prosecuted and sent to prison.

Bob Blackman said:

“Labour have launched endless initiatives and top-down schemes which have made little difference. Their broken promises have undermined people’s trust. We can’t go on with the police filling in forms instead of fighting crime.

“Our hard-working local police officers deserve the highest praise. But many people across Harrow are hugely frustrated with our criminal justice system. They feel that it’s just not on their side anymore. These major Conservative proposals will help put the law back on the side of local people in Harrow and give our police the full support they so richly deserve.”

Mar 05 2007

Harrow’s teachers need more powers to tackle school bullying

Half of all children bullied, but no expulsions across Harrow

classroomOfficial Government figures have revealed that just ninety pupils across the country were expelled last year for school bullying, despite a new survey finding half of all 14-year-old children have been bullied.

Across Harrow, no pupils were expelled last year from state secondary schools and none from all state schools. In over two-thirds of local authorities across England, not a single child was expelled for bullying. In

Harrow,30 pupils were suspended from state schools – meaning the disruptive students returned to the school where they caused misery for their classmates.

Since 1997, Labour Government rules have deliberately made it more difficult for schools to expel pupils, undermining the authority of head teachers and meaning bullies end up back at the same school as their victims.

Bob Blackman, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow East said:

“Bullying makes far too many children’s lives a misery. But the Government’s own figures show that in the vast majority of cases bullies are returned to the same school as their victims after a short punishment, rather than being expelled.

“The key to tackling bullying is giving Harrow’s teachers the powers they need to crack down on bad behaviour. But under Labour, the balance of power in the classroom has shifted too far in favour of disruptive pupils.

“Conservatives would give Harrow’s schools the power to take a zero tolerance approach towards serious offences such as bullying. We will give our teachers the tools they need to maintain discipline in the classroom before it spirals out of control.”

Mar 04 2007

Time for a ‘Green Deal’ to help the environment and save you money

Conservative plans to improve home insulation and reward recycling

plastic_recyclingBob Blackman, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow Eastgave his backing to bold Conservative plans to help Harrow’s households protect the environment and save money. Major policy proposals for a Conservative government include giving rewards to householders for recycling their rubbish and also a ‘Green Deal’ of providing up to £6,500 for home insulation improvements at no upfront cost to residents.

Green Deal: Under the plans, every household will have the right to have home energy efficiency work of up to £6,500. There will be no upfront cost, as the work will be paid for by the much larger savings on energy bills from the improved insulation. This will open up a whole new market in energy efficiency, create tens of thousands of skilled jobs and cut carbon emissions. It will also save families money and make Harrow’s homes warmer in winter – helping the elderly and ‘fuel poor’ in particular. A typical home could see £30 a month knocked off its final bill.

Rewards for recycling: A Conservative government would also scrap Labour’s plans for  new bin taxes on family homes. Labour Ministers have already changed the law so bin taxes can be imposed, despite the fact that they have been shown to increase fly-tipping and dangerous ‘backyard burning’. Conservatives would work with Harrow Council to promote schemes where good behaviour is rewarded, but families are not taxed or fined. Under the American ‘Recyclebank’ scheme now being piloted in Britain, households receive points for recycling; these are then converted into vouchers for local shops, including Marks & Spencer and Costcutter, or into donations to charities.  Households could earn up to £175 a year in vouchers.

Bob Blackman aid:

“Gordon Brown hits people with taxes, fines and bans, rather than trusting people and encouraging social responsibility. Conservatives believe in incentives to help and reward people to do their bit to help the environment.

“The Green Deal of insulating people’s homes for no upfront cost and rewarding people for recycling will not only protect the environment, but also help families and pensioners who are struggling to make ends meet. These practical policies show how if you vote blue, (area) will go green and save money.”