Mar 06 2017

Queensbury Blighted by Fly-tipping, Litter and Traffic Problems

There are currently two big issues facing residents of Queensbury. The first of these is that of flytipping and litter. This is a problem across the ward, especially in the roads around Kenton Road. Residents are either leaving litter or dumping their rubbish on roadsides, and this is simply unacceptable. Unfortunately the Labour councillors refuse to act on the issue, despite the Leader of the Council representing the ward. They are simply not responding to residents’ concerns.

Likewise, there are serious road and traffic issues facing residents. There has been an increase in traffic in the area, especially on Streatfield Road, where there are more and more accidents. This has created serious problems for residents but, once again, the Labour councillors have done nothing to act to change this for a number of years.

Fly-tipping at Mollison Way and surrounding alleyways