Feb 01 2010

Botched care plans could add £26 to council tax bills across Harrow

money2Gordon Brown to make local taxpayers pay the price for personal care changes

Bob Blackman, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow East, warned of a Government plan to leave Harrow Council with a massive bill to pay for new social care plans. Analysis has revealed that Gordon Brown’s unfunded plans for free personal care at home could put £26 a year on the average council tax bill, on top of other local pressures. This is due to an estimated £580 million black hole left by the government.


  • Senior councillors in Harrow have warned that Gordon Brown’s plans “are unclear, unfunded and are likely to have a significant impact on existing local services, including possible cuts and rises in council tax”.
  • Town hall experts at the Local Government Association have added that “this is clearly a new burden” on councils, while Social Services directors from across the country have asserted that Gordon Brown has “significantly underestimated the true costs involved.”
  • On top of the council tax hike, there is also the threat of an additional £20,000 “death tax” by Gordon Brown to pay for new National Care Service proposals.

Bob Blackman said:

“Everybody wants to give older people more support in their old age, especially the most vulnerable. That is why Conservatives will introduce a voluntary Home Protection Scheme to allow people – for a one off £8,000 payment – to make sure they never have to sell their home to pay for residential care.

“But Labour’s plans to extend free personal care and to introduce a National Care Service are in chaos. Labour ministers in Whitehall are considering levying a compulsory death tax of up to £20,000 on every person in England, and now it looks like they’ll put another £26 a year on (area’s) council tax.  Gordon Brown needs to come clean about who will pay the price for his plans.”