Apr 09 2014

Bellamy Drive to be Resurfaced!

Belmont teamAfter years of neglect by the previous Labour administration, residents will be pleased to know that the area of Bellamy Drive is to be resurfaced after your Belmont Conservatives took up the issue with the Council and worked to make it happen.
Additionally, pavements on Vernon Drive were in a very poor condition and a hazard to pedestrians. We worked hard to convince the Council to re-pave the whole of Vernon Drive after listening to residents concerns.
Many local residents have appreciated the hard work of the Belmont Action Team. We have campaigned for resurfacing, better management of trees, verges and pavements. We will continue to support residents in making the area Cleaner, Safer and Fairer.

You can trust the Conservatives to get the job done!                                                                                                                 



(L-R Cllr Manji Kara, Cllr Lynda Seymour, Mina Parmar and Bob Blackman MP, inspecting the pavement after having it repaired.)